Graduate program in Communication at Saint Louis University makes you excel as a communicator


Engaging environment, professors who care and devote their time to students, and a feeling of inclusion, are some of the qualities of the Saint Louis Communication Department that students frequently emphasize.

The Master’s program in Communication is designed to broaden students’ knowledge in interpersonal, organizational and mass communication, and to educate students to become effective communicators. In addition to offering different theoretical and practical courses, the Communication graduate program is tailored to fit individual interests and goals.

Having concerns about professors?

The Communication graduate program offers small classes that allow close working relationships with faculty members.

“Professors are always there for me, willing to sit down, one-on-one to discuss my concerns and answer every question that I have,” says Allie Galoob, a research assistant interested in sports journalism.

What about funding opportunities?

The Communication Department offers graduate assistantships that cover a tuition waiver, stipend, and health insurance. Students who are graduate assistants have to work 20 hours a week.

“The Communication Department provides teaching, research, and professional assistantships. That makes the student’s financial situation much easier,” says Jasmine Brown, a teaching assistant who teaches Public Speaking. Her areas of interest are media studies and video production.

Working full-time and don’t have time to attend classes?

The Master’s program is designed for working professionals and all graduate courses are taught in the evenings.

“I work from nine to five and have time to attend classes because they start at 6 p.m. I study later in the evenings and over the weekends,” says Jonathan Ernst, a second-year graduate student who is interested in health communication.

“Working full-time and also doing master’s program full time really helps because you bring things that you are learning in the classroom, and you can actually see it going on in your workplace.”

Need more information about the program?

Check the Communication Department website, watch the students’ stories they shared about their SLU experiences, and follow The Comm Department news and activities on Twitter and Facebook:


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