Useful tips for online writing

Online writing does differ from print writing. Writing for the web is more strategic and oriented toward attracting additional traffic, and engaging readers. Here are top five tips that online writers should consider and apply:

  • Concise headline:  A headline needs to tell the point of the article. Additionally, the best headline in online writing is the one that can pop-up easily when readers search for specific themes online. Online writers should consider search engine optimization when they think about the words that should be included in a headline.
  • Keep it short, simple and clean: Simple sentences and clear expressions are the best way to keep the readers’ short-span attention. Online writers should always provide main ideas in short paragraphs, and be able to tell not long stories so that readers want to read it and not to leave the page.
  • Grab and direct the readers’ attention: In online writing it is not only about the content, but also about the ways a writer should direct readers to effortlessly read, skim the text, or even read only the parts they are interested in. Therefore, online writing should include convenient aids:
    • bullets
    • lists
    • subheads
    • bold and italic lettering


  • Provide links: Embedding links in online articles is the great way to provide more in-depth context and additional information that readers may read if they are interested in. Links will allow for the readers who want to know more to read more, without congesting the existing text with numerous facts.
  • Include visual aids: Writing for the web is not only about words! Successful online writers should always think about the graphs, photos or videos that may accompany their articles.  Visual aids foster readers’ engagement.

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