How Serbian daily Blic can improve its Twitter presence?

News organizations use social media to distribute their news stories, start conversation with audiences and interact with them in order to allow to the members of the audience to talk back. Additionally, social media is a great tool for driving the traffic to the news organization websites. I found the discussion about social media and news inspiring in order to have a better insight in the ways how Serbian daily newspaper Blic uses Twitter to share its content and connect to the community. The most similar US newspaper is USA Today. Both are national newspaper popular in the countries where they are published, and both emphasize short news, and entertainment. However, a short and quick  analysis of 24-hour tweets of how these news organizations use Twitter shows that they don’t have similar approaches to using this micro-blogging website.

Updates and interesting headlines

  • Blic’s tweets contain the same headlines which already exist on its website
  • Blic doesn’t use Twitter for updates
  • USA Today tweaks the news headlines in its Twitter posts to make them more interesting and more attractive for sharing
  • USA Today uses Twitter for updates.
  • Both tweet about news across different news sections

Retweets and hashtag use

  • Blic retweeted some other’s post only once
  • USA Today frequently retweets posts of the USA Today reporters and other USA Today specialized Twitter handles such as Your take, USA Today Video or USA Today Sports
  • Both @USATODAY and @Blic_Online use hashtags
  • USA Today uses hashtags to mark trends and conversation topics
  • USA Today uses hashtag BREAKING in capital letters so that the followers easily navigate and read the breaking news
  • Blic uses hashtags only occasionally in order to mark the news section

Audience engagement

  • Blic’s tweets invite the audience to engage only if the website’s headline is inviting the audience (for example, to watch a video)
  • USA Today’s Twitter handle is much more engaging, offering vine videos, asking questions and calling for the audience to post their photos
  • USA Today retweets the photos of its readers called “the news from your eyes”.

Additional fact and photos

  • USA Today provides additional facts about stories by retweeting USA Today journalists’ posts
  • USA Today tweets contain photos and graphs
  • Blic nether provides additional facts to supplement existing news stories nor posts photos or graphs

24-hour overall tweets

Blic: 22

USA Today: 64

Even though there is no data about the number of Twitter users in Serbia, it’s obvious that Blic has to use Twitter more effectively in order to share its content and be more engaged in communicating with the audience. Comparing to Blic, USA Today uses Twitter not only to drive the traffic to its website but to generate conversations about the stories and invite people to participate.  By retweeting others’ posts USA Today adds value to its Twitter activity and connection with its community. Moreover, USA Today provides additional relevant content and updates, customizes its Twitter posts, uses social media to access word of mouth and to improve its online presence. Online community is global community and Blic has to improve the ways how uses different social media in order to engage with the online audience and benefit from this engagement.  

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